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Amuse characters loved by generations

We are developing products of various characters such as MAMESHIBA SANKYOUDAI, Poteusa Loppy, Higemanjyu, Fuku-Fuku Shimaenaga, Kyouryu-Jidai, Alpacasso, and more.

We has a long track record as a prize maker for crane games, so the Amuse characters have been loved by generations.


The feature of "Amuse characters" is that there are many characters that express the universal cuteness of animals without being too deformed.

Our products are sold at a wide variety of stores, including fancy shops, souvenir shops, zoos, aquariums, and animal cafes.

Various product lineup

Our main product is stuffed animals, but we also manufacture sewn goods such as cushions, bags, and pouches, as well as small goods such as key chains.

We also propose immediate delivery products that meet the needs of our customers.
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Recommended Products


At zoos and aquariums, we recommend products based on the animals that are actually displayed.
Kawauso Usoyan, Uki uki Rakko, and Alpacasso are popular.
Furthermore, we have also developed a series of “Real World” and “Ocean World” as stuffed toys with realistic modeling.

Puchimaru DX series, which is easy for children to buy, is also one of the popular products.
We have a wide variety of animals, birds, marine life, insects, dinosaurs, and more.

Product shop

The most popular items at local product and souvenir shops are classic character products that are loved by people of all ages, such as MAMESHIBA SANKYOUDAI and Higemanjyu.
In Japan, it is popular among foreign tourists as a Japanese-style souvenir.

In addition, products with motifs of wild animals in each region, such as Fuku-Fuku Shimaenaga and Momonga nandamon, have been well received as standard products.

Fancy shop

Fancy shops and miscellaneous goods stores recommend character products that are popular with women.
In addition to Poteusa Loppy, which boasts deep-rooted popularity among women in their 30s, the Coroham Coron and Fuku-Fuku series are also popular.

We also recommend Poetty Teddy, which has a basic design and is ideal for gifts, and Mukumuku Mukkun, which is gaining popularity due to its relaxed character.

And Amuse's character products are not limited to stuffed animals.
Sewing products such as eco-bags, backpacks, and pouches, as well as small items such as key chains and hand towels, are also available.

Can be purchased from small lots

We sell wholesale products from small lots to cartons.
It is possible to purchase the most suitable products according to the size of your store.
Also, if you are a general customer and would like to place a large order equivalent to wholesale, we will provide a separate estimate.
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Inquiries about bulk orders
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